Custom Floats

Technical assistance is available to help design floats to your specific needs. Design information needed includes maximum diameter, maximum length, maximum specific gravity or weight and minimum collapse pressure. Additional information would be magnet dimensions and weight, center tube diameter and minimum float weight.

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Float Buoyancy Calculations

Net buoyant force= weight of liquid displaced - float weight

  • If net buoyant force is negative, the float will sink
  • Weight of liquid displaced = density of liquid (oz/in3) x float volume (in3)


  • Weight of liquid displaced = density of water (oz/in3) x specific gravity of liquid to be used x float volume (in3)

Note: Catalog gives nominal weight - check with factory for minimum and maximum weight.

3" float (p/n 52700 -1) in water

Density of water = .578 oz/in3 @ 70°F
Float weight=3.63 oz.
Float volume = 14.1 in3
Net buoyant force = .578 oz/in3 x 14.1 in3 - 3.63 oz. = 4.52 oz.

3" float (p/n 52700-1) in alcohol

Density of alcohol = .462 oz/in3 @ 70°F
Float weight=3.63 oz.
Float volume = 14.1 in3
Net buoyant force = .462 oz/in3 x 14.1 in3 - 3.63 oz. = 2.88 oz.

Dimensioning Conventions
All dimensions and specifications in this catalog are nominal unless otherwise noted. NSI tolerance standards do not necessarily apply to decimal dimensions. Check with factory for specific tolerances.

Careful Handling To Prevent Damage
Careful handling of floats and tanks is essential to prevent damage that could degrade their pressure rating. Stated pressure ratings in this site have been tested on floats that have not been dented or damaged. Some of the floats are especially susceptible to damage because a thin wall is required by design. Our final inspection includes inspection for dents. Customer inspection, upon receipt and at installation, is recommended.

Disclaimer: The determination as to the adaptability of any of our materials to the specific needs of the Buyer is solely the Buyer's prerogative and responsibility. We are glad to offer suggestions on the use of our various products. Nevertheless, there are no warranties given except such expressed warranties offered in connection with the sale of a particular product.