About Our Floats

  Seymour-Sheridan quality control includes:

  • 100% inspection for leaks during manufacturing
  • Periodic analysis of material
  • Continual dimensional inspection
  • Periodic testing to check collapsing pressure


Liquid Level Float Material Options

High quality Seymour-Sheridan floats are normally made from 300 Series stainless steel. Float Materials which can be inert gas arc welded may be specified, such as:

  • Monel
  • 20Cb-3
  • 17-7PH


Example Float Configurations 

Float Part No. 56000-3

Float Part No. 56000-3

This 9" diameter is the largest we currently make. We can supply larger sizes if the quantity warrants manufacture.
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Float Part No. 57700-2Float Part No. 57700-2

This is one of several floats with an internally mounted magnet suitable for tripping a reed switch. 
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Float Part No.51600-4 
Float Part No.51600-4

Two of these 2 1/4" floats screwed together increase buoyancy without increasing diameter. Each part has a collapse pressure of 900 psi and a specific gravity of 0.50. Liquid level floats with two internally threaded fittings may be assembled into multiple float configurations by using standard set screws to connect the floats.
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